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Master news

– A contest of skill teaching in 2014. Phase I competition from February 1 to March 1, 2014. The second stage of the competition from 3 to 7 March of the year. Wrap-up - March 12, 2014. Good luck to competitors.

– Institute of Masters, postgraduate and doctoral studies developed portal young scientists. Member registration is performed scholars Vinnytsia National Technical University.

- International Internet Conference "Problems and TEHNOLOHIYIYI TRAINING qualified scientists in terms of innovative society development" held April 2-4, 2013. The publishing house NTB published conference proceedings. For detailed information, please go to the website of the conference.

- Master created Resend Institute of Magistracy, doctoral and graduate school. Extension of its parts.




In 2018 the efficiency of Post Graduate training amounts to 39 %.


Preparations for postgraduate study at VNTU are carried out for specialties ... [more]