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The course of post-graduate study was introduced in Vinnytsia Polytechnical Institute (at present it's VNTU) in accordance with order N 948 of December 1, 1976 of the USSR Ministry of Higher Educational Institutions. In 1977 first post-graduate students started their course and later post-graduate students from other institutes of higher education were transferred here and joined them. In 1980 first post-graduates graduated from VNTU. Such people were among those graduates:

  • Doctor of Sciences, the dean of the department, Prof. Azarov O. D.;
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. Vasyura A. S.;
  • Doctor of Sciences, the Head of Chair of the Information Defense, Prof. Luzthetskiy V. A.

    and others.
Now post-graduate training is realized in specialities. Within the period of 1980 - 2017 (15.12.2017) 970 post-graduates finished the course of training. 524 persons defended their theses, which makes up 54% of the total number. Since 1996 an experiment has been conducted aiming to train future post-graduates in the magistrates. The results are shown by the following data:
  • when the first graduates which had been trained in the magistrates graduated in 1999, the efficiency of post-graduate training increased 2,7 times as much; this year it is expected to increase 4 times;
  • Among the graduates of 1999-2017, which had been trained in the magistrates and have already become Candidates of Sciences there are 81/82 % of persons who defended their theses on time or ahead of time. This percentage is much higher than the average one.



In 2018 the efficiency of Post Graduate training amounts to 39 %.


Preparations for postgraduate study at VNTU are carried out for specialties ... [more]