Розділи сайту


The Doctorate training course was introduced in Vinnytsia Politechnical Institute (at present VNTU) in accordance with the order of UkSSR State Public Education Committee N 400 of October 26, 1988.

First post-graduate students started their Doctorate training course in 1988. The post-graduates who finished the Doctorate Course are

  • Doctor of Science, professor Osadchuk O.V. Head of the Department of Radio Engineering;
  • Doctor of Science, professor Burbelo M.J. the professor of the Department of Electrotechnical Systems of Power Communication and Power Management;
  • Doctor of Science Kucheruk V.Y. Head of the Department of Metrology and Industrial Automatics;
  • Doctor of Science Bilynsky Y.Y. Head of the Department of Electronics;
  • Doctor of Science Romanjuk O.N. The Vice Rector on Educational and Methodic Works; The Director of the Institute of Organizational and Methodic Provision of Study;
  • Doctor of Science Shtovba S.D. the professor of the Department of Computer Control Systems.

Now the doctorate training is realized in specialities.

Besides, two Specialized Academic Councils of doctorate theses defense function at VNTU.



In 2017 the efficiency of Post Graduate training amounts to 36 %.


Preparations for postgraduate study at VNTU are carried out for specialties ... [more]