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The course of post-graduate training in VNTU was introduced in 1976. The course of doctorate trainingwas introduced in 1988. The magistrates projecting and introduction of training plans began in 1991, in 1996 first Masters finished the course.

The University has a unique efficient system of highly qualified academic staff training. The training of scientifically skilled specialists is realized in 23 specialities and 6 Specialized Academic Councils of doctorate and candidate theses defense function at VNTU.

A characteristic feature of highly qualified scientific staff training technology is that that the applicants which aspire to receive a scientific degree must finish post-graduate course of training (the magistrates). Applying to the magistrates is allowed only to the students who while receiving their Bachelor degree showed scientific research skills. The applicants must master techniques of new knowledge generation; write and defend their Master theses which makes up 30% - 40% of their future candidate theses; publish main results of their work and pass Master minimum exams in Philosophy, Foreign Language and speciality. The programs of these exams make up 50% of candidate exams programs, and the exams are considered entrance exams to post-graduate training.

The advantages of this technology lie in the fact that starting their post-graduate course post-graduates don't waste time looking for the topic and supervisor, mastering scientific works of other authors in the chosen scientific field, becoming familiar with experiment conducting techniques and data processing, learning how to write articles and reports about their work. All these they have already done while being trained to receive Master Degree. This technology is realized by the Institute of Post-graduate Study which was created on the basis of Master Training and Post-Graduate Study Department.

According to the development conception which was approved in 1990, new experimental training plans and programs of three-stage (Bachelor, Engineer, Master) system of training specialists with higher technical education were developed and approved. Master training was organized according to the methods developed in VNTU taking into consideration world's experience. Masters' graduation which took place in VNTU in 1996 was the first in Ukraine.

In order to proceed with scientific research of peculiarities of three-stage Master training system and with the developing and application of perspective techniques and algorithms of Master training specificities in VNTU, within the period of April 1, 1997 - December 31, 1999 scientific research was conducted on the topic "Research of peculiarities and development of structure and content of Master of Sciences training in the context of new knowledge generation technique". The results of this work were completely realized in VNTU and this sufficiently increased the quality of post-graduate training.

In 1996 Department of Master Training Coordination was created and in 1997 it joined the section of Post-Graduate Study and the new one was called Department of Post-Graduate Study (DPGS).

With the purpose of improving organization forms and ever increasing efficiency of highly qualified academic staff training on the basis of Department of Post-Graduate study was created Institute of Master, Post-graduate and Doctor Degree Study (IMPDDS).

In 1996 the first Masters were graduated in Ukraine, they had been studying by special curricula during whole training period. Nowadays there are 1019 Masters who got Master’s degree in VNTU. Half of them have already got a Ph.D.; by the way more than two-thirds of them defended Ph.D. thesis in time.



In 2018 the efficiency of Post Graduate training amounts to 39 %.


Preparations for postgraduate study at VNTU are carried out for specialties ... [more]