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In 1996 VNTU in cooperation with Dutch Technical University and University of Lund completed successfully TEMPUS-TACIS project, the realization of which resulted the creation of Master Training Department at the University, which started training MS in accordance with western European standards.

In 1996 Department of Master Training Coordination was created and in 1997 it joined the section of Post-Graduate Study and the new one was called Department of Post-Graduate Study (DPGS).

With the purpose of improving organization forms and ever increasing efficiency of highly qualified academic staff training on the basis of Department of Post-Graduate study was created Institute of Post-Graduate Study.

The first Master graduation took place in 1996. Within the period 1997 - 2008 735 persons received the diploma and 97 foreign citizens were among them. 185 graduates of the Magistrates started the Candidate training course.

In the current academic year 74 students have taken Master Training Course.



In 2017 the efficiency of Post Graduate training amounts to 36 %.


Preparations for postgraduate study at VNTU are carried out for specialties ... [more]