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From: Greg Reese
Subject: Marine Corps News - Chapter 17This is a pure work of fiction and does not resemble anything going on young preteens homemadeporn in
today's world. The characters in this story live in a disease free world;
the use of condoms is not portrayed. The real world is very different,
practice safe sex, wear html preteen nudes a condom.Our exercise tonight was to be in an exercise of POWs. top very preteen
We preteen videos links
were to agress
the Army company and capture as many men as possible and take latvian models preteen them to
another barracks where we had set up a fake prison. The men were to be
treated exactly preteen sex modeling as they would if they were to be capture in real life best nude preteen as
well as behave exactly as they were trained to be. That training consisted
of preteen mexican nude
refusing to give any information beyond name and serial underage russian preteen
number and to
also try and escape at any and all times.LTC Mann had sent Sanchez and Wise on a scouting mission. They were to
find the weakest points and come back to brief us. While they were gone, I
was dispatched to start taking photos. We had gone over in great detail
over the weekend where I was asian preteen escort to stand, move, run, etc. so that there would
not be repeat of incest preteen child last week. LTC Mann and latinas preteen brazil Wise had also worked me to death
teaching me how to move, where to move, etc. I headed off to naughty preteen bbs the Company's
location and started my task of taking photos as the men prepared for their
imaginary war.Wise and Sanchez soon returned, reporting that their weakest spot was on
their right flank. There preteens mature toplist was a russian preteens nude very large area betwen figthing position
alpha and bravo that they felt reasonbly sure they could penetrate. The
men manning these fighting positions would become the first prisoners. LTC
Mann g string preteens and the crew set out and soon came preteen raped pics up on the right flank. Just as
Wise and Sanchez had reported, the flank was weak and in no time, they were
quickly and quietly penetrating their flank and snagging two Army men on
the way. Williams and Wise were put in charge of the POWs as the rest of
the men continued to maneuver. I had been fitted with a small walkie
talkie and an ear piece and heard Williams' voice telling me they had
captured their first prisoner and to meet them at the POW barracks in 30
minutes. preteen bikini glamour
I continued to snap photos as each fighting position was tested,
one by one. I could hear one of their squad leaders reporting to the
commander that their right flank was unsecure and craft pre teen that the two preteen anal ass
men who had
been posted there were missing. I heard the commander shout out his orders
as four men scrambeled out of the command tent and headed for the right
flank.I checked my watch and realized that 30 minutes had more than gone preteen rusian by so I
quickly made my way to the POW Barracks. The barracks had been set up just
as one would think a POW barracks would be. Both men had been stripped of
their uniforms and were laying on straw on the hard concrete floor. The
were blindfolded and their hands and feet were bound. "I gotta piss!" one
of them shouted. "Then fucking piss on yourself!" Wise shouted back. preteen preeteen preteen "No
really, I gotta piss!" the voice pleaded. "No really, piss on yourself!"
Wise shouted back, walking over to the barred cell and taking what looked
like a policemans tight pre preteens night stick and scraping it up and down, making the bars
on the cell ring. Williams got up, walked over to the cell unlocked it and
grabbed the young man who had to piss by the hair and dragged him out of
the holding cell. "C'mon fucker, let's you and me have a talk." Williams
growled as he lead the man to an area that was set up as an information
extraction area. Williams pulled the man up and attached his bound hands
to a hook that was hanging from the ceiling. No force was placed on mans
arms, so no physcial injury would be suffered, just some discomfort. "So,
ya gotta piss do ya?" Williams growled as Wise made his way back. I
watched this unfold through the lens of my camera, snapping photo after
photo. Wise reached up and began applying pressure on the man's bladder.
The simulated prisoner nudepreteen models groaned and tried to cross preteen nude latex his legs, keeping himself
to urinating. A small stream of urine shot out the end of his dick as preteen pussy archives
pressed on his bladder. "I told you, piss japanese preteen tgp on yourself!" Wise shouted. "My
name is.." the man started to reply but was quickly cut off. " I don't
give a flying fuck what preteen picture nudist
your name is! preteens kids modelspreteen undressing movie What's your mission here? Who's
your commander?" Williams shouted pthc free preteen
as he preteen girls wild grabbed the young mans ass cheeks.
The man flinched at the touch of Williams' hand on his ass, "My name is.."
he started to respond. Williams now had a finger right on the man's hole
and was gently rubbing his hole with it. "My name is....ohhh" the man
moaned. "I thought you had to piss!" Wise screamed at the man as he
continued to apply pressure on the mans full bladder. More piss streamed
out and the young man soon lost the nude illegal preteen
battle to hold his piss in. Within a
few minutes, a steady golden stream of urine flowed out the filipino preteen panties end of the
man's dick. Williams had now fully inserted his finger into the young
man's ass and was slowly moving it in and out. The young man groaned, both
at the relief of emptying his bladder and at the effect that Williams' long
black finger was nude lesbain preteens
having in his ass. Williams quickly removed his finger
and started lubing the man's ass up. While Williams was messing with the
young mans ass, Wise was retrieving bella nn preteen
his buddy. Both men were now secured,
arms over their heads. Williams and Wise began yelling at them. Degrading
remarks, telling them they were pussies and fags and commies and that their
mothers were whore's and their fathers were fucking each other. masterbation preteen girls
The two
men remained silent as japanese nn preteen
they continued their tirade. Wise walked over to a
table and came back with an odd looking device. It was a metal ring with a
metal rod coming through it and it was attached to wires. Walking over the
prisoner that he was working with, he grabbed the young mans cock and began
inserting the metal tube into preteens european
the end of the mans dick, this circle going
over and around the head of the mans cock. The young soldier began to
shiver, wondering what was next in store for him. Wise attached the two
wires to a black box. I was to soon learn that this was an
electro-stimulation russian top preteen
unit. Low volts of electricity would pass through the
metal ring and tube, sending little shocks and vibrations into the man's
penis. Wise turned the unit on and as the first shocks penetrated the
young mans preteens models abused
naked preteens dancing penis, he animated preteen boys groaned. His cock soon began to grow and as preteens hot feet it got
harder and thicker, Wise increased the wattage. The man was groaning and
bucking his hips, fucking thin air. His buddy next to him could hear his
moans and realizing something sexual was happening had also popped a boner.
Williams moved in behind the young man and began inserting a thin slender
vibrating preteen feet woreship butt plug into the man's ass. The young soldier moaned and
winced as preteen sluts japanese
the butt plug spread his virgin hole and made it's way deep
inside the man's ass. For the young soldier, it was both preteen girl thumbs pleasure and
pain. xxx hardcore preteens
preteen bambi model Pleasure from the vibrating hardcore preteens gallery
and pain from having his ass stretched."Look at you, preteen nonudes asain
look at you both. Fucking preteen twinks models hard as rocks, cocks flexing and
leaking. You must be fucking enjoying this. Are you enjoying this
private?" Wise shouted as he slapped the young man's hard cock, causing the
young colombian preteen
man to let out a yelp of pleasure. "And lookee here, you got a
fucking butt plug shoved up your ass and your cock is so hard you could use
it as a crow bar." Wise continued, as he started pulling the butt plug in
and out of the mans ass. "Please, no more, no more, what do you want to
know?" the young man cried. "In litlle preteen top time, in time!" Williams shouted, removing
the butt plug candid preteen illeagle
from his ass and preparing a larger one to take it's place.
The young man who's cock was ensnared in the electro-stim unit was moaning
and bucking louder and harder. nude illegal preteens A steady stream of precum ran preteens sex odels out of his
cock. Wise slapped the man's hard cock as he walked by, heading back to
the table. My cock was preteen models sex rock hard nude preteen thumbnails and I could the front of my pants getting
wetter and wetter with my own precum. I was memserized by what these two
men were doing to these poor Army lads and continued snapping my photos,
stopping only to put in a new memory card. Wise came back with two nipple
clamps, also preteen toplist topsites attached to leads. He placed the clamps on the young mans
tits and plugged them into the electro-sim unit. The man groaned naked amauter preteens and
bucked and shouted preteen schoolgirl video
as the current now flowed through his cock and nipples.
I looked over to the other man and Williams was steadily fucking his ass
with butt plug. The young man groaning and bucking his hips back onto it,
his cock continuing to poor its preteen nude schoolgirls sweet juice out. I looked over email preteen porn at his
buddy and watched as a stream of piss began shooting out of his cock. kp preteen pedo This
intensified the sensations he was having in his cock and he bucked and
thrashed around even harder. I turned to look at his buddy and watched as
his cock began shooting its load. The young man was screaming and bucking,
fucking himself on the oversized butt plug as his cock erupted. I heard
the other lad groan and watched as his cock also started shooting thick
ropes of white cum into the air. Both men were screaming, panting, moaning
and bucking as their cocks twitched and jerked, spitting cum. Spent, the
two men slumped, whimpering as they continued to receive stimulation, one
through his ass and the other through his cock and nipples. preteen 16 year
Wise and
Williams soon went to work, cleaning the two men up, removing the devices
from them and helping them back to their cells. Both men collapsed next to
each other as they continued to come down sexy preteens france from preteen amateur voyeur their sexed up high. Cum
continued to dribble out of their cocks and I was surprised when the one
man who's ass had been stuffed with a butt plug began searching for the
other man's cock with his hand. Once he had his buddies cock preteen angels porn in lovely preteen porn his hand
he began stroking his buddies preteen chat girls cock, who also had searched out and found his
cock. Both men were stroking each preteen pube pictures other's cocks, groaning, pinching and
twisting their nipples. I looked over and saw Wise and Williams rubbing
the front of their trousers as they watched the two young men pleasure each
other. Both of the prisoners groaned and arched their backs as another
orgasm over took child girl preteen them. They both had just shot two huge loads, cum only
dribbled out of their cocks as they ground and bucked their hips. They
released each other's cocks and began scooping up their cum and licking it
off their fingers.The door to the barracks opened and two preteen posers
more prisoners were shoved through.
Williams and Wise knew exactly what to do and sauntered over to where the
two bound and blindfolded men laid and began removing their clothes. The
men were fighting Wise and Williams like crazy, shouting obscenties preteens pedo nudes at
them, yelling at them to get preteen bikine the fuck away from them. Williams and Wise
didn't flinch or make any sound back, but continued with the task of
stripping them. Once nude, they were placed in another holding cell, next
to the one where the other seducing preteen girls two prisoners were. The two men sat with their
backs against each preteen porno movie
other, whispering, I had no doubt they lsm preteen girls were planning
their attempted escape. I watched as Wise and Williams went back to the
table and started cleaning off their toys and getting ready for another
round with two fresh prisoners."Stefan, we need you back at base camp." LTC Mann's voice crackeled in my
ear piece. "And preteen girls webcam tell Williams and Wise to wrap it up for the night and let
the prisoners free, we're done for tonight." I told Williams and Wise what
LTC Mann had said and headed back to base camp. I arrived just as the
company commander was beginning his preteen list bbs briefing and after action report. It
wasn't too much longer after that when the four prisoners returned, fully
clothed. Two madder than a hornet, two trying to figure out how japanese preteen photography
they preteen sex hentai
have enjoyed pussy fucking preteens
man to man sex art photos preteen
so much, espcially since they both were severe
pussy hounds. The briefings were wrapped up and drunken preteen girl we headed to our own
barracks for some much needed sleep. "What were you going to do to those
two?" I asked Wise. Wise just grinned and smacked me on the back. "Great
job today Stefan." Wise said. "Thanks" was my reply. Wise ran preteen girls masturbating his hand
down my back and shoved his hand into the waist band of my trousers, his
finger seeking and quickly finding my hole. I groaned as his preteen thailand finger traced
circles around the folds of my back door. "I need to get a nut, feel like
riding my cock?" Wise asked. "Ummm Hmmm" I moaned. "C'mon, follow me."
Wise said, grabbing my hand. We walked for a few more minutes and stopped,
Wise pulling me close to him, thrusting his tongue down my throat. It was
pitch black, no one, unless preteens model putas they were wearing night 4chan pre teen
vision goggles, could
see the two us. Wise was urgent in his need for release and quickly spun
me around, dropped my pants and started sliding his hard leaking cock into
my ass. I groaned and pushed back while I grabbed my own hard cock and
started stroking to the rhythm of Wise's thrusts. "I'm not going to last
long." Wise grunted, "Get ready, I'm going to fill your ass!" he continued
as preteens new photos he thrust into me one last time and started flooding my ass with his
load. At the same time, my cock started firing it's own load.In the woods, not far from where we had just fucked, another load was lost.
The commander had grabbed a pair night vision goggles and preteen underage illegal
had followed
us. As we were fucking our brains out, he was stroking his own hot hard
cock. He caught every stream of cum preteen paysites sexy my nymphets ukrainian preteen cock shot out with his goggles.
His dick erupted, spraying the plants and ground in front of him with his
pent up load. "Fuck that's hot." he preteens russian bbs said to himself as he reached back and
began to rub his own hole. The commander had never thought about man to
man sex until he had walked into the barracks that day and heard the men
groaning. Ever preteen grls models since then, he had been fascinated by two cute bikini preteen
men having sex
and couldn't wait until he could try it out preteen drawing incest for himself. He quickly
hatched his plan that come tomorrow night, he would be the first prisoner.Stay tuned to see what happens with the commander....
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